Pangarh and Bijaipur

My beautiful country, India is full of places yet to be explored and Rajasthan still remains to be the best host for inbound tourism. There is so much history in the cities of Rajasthan, beautiful cultures and so much flavours that it tops my list of favourite places in India. I love exploring new places […]

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Illiterati Cafe, Mcleodganj

Sipping coffee while snuggling up to your favourite book and a view of gigantic mountains as far as your eyes can reach… Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? It sure was. A ten-minutes’ walk down the steep and narrow lanes from the main market area to the lower Jogiwara Road took us to this warm and welcoming […]

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Get Bowled Over at Nalu Bowls

‘Beaches and Bikinis in Bali’. With that as a predominant thought in my head, I managed to lose six kilos and attain the perfect curves for this trip. No way was I going to let my months of dieting and workout be washed off for the sake of my ever-so-eager tastebuds. But it turned out, […]

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6 things to look for a Perfect Vacay in Bali

The google images of Bali enticed me to the level that I locked it with the three others I had as options. Waterfalls, mountains, beaches and islands- all of it was enough to give the adrenaline rush. Instagram came to my rescue when I was researching about what all to do and what all places […]

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A quiet Birthday in Kerala

This year I wanted to celebrate my birthday at someplace new (and by that I meant no metropolises) I had heard a lot about Varkala and Alleppey in Kerala and both looked extremely mesmerising in pictures. Having a dear friend in Trivandrum just gave the much needed push to my thoughts. And my birthday, also […]

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The beginning – Soulful Safarnama

If you’re a sucker for a clean & secluded beaches, then Gokarna is the place for you! I was itching for a getaway to break the usual routine and I was beyond fed-up with the filthy and overcrowded beaches of Goa.. And so the dire need of fresh air took me to Gokarna. This was […]

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