Top 5 Herbal Tea Brands

While there is a separate fan base in India and outside of people fond of Masala Chai, the market of herbal and detox tea is booming at a phenomenal rate. But everyone has their unique ways of loving the tea, some like it with milk, some like it with pool of spices and some like […]

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Home Cooked Experience with Cairo Urban Adventures

Salaam my fellas! Writing after almost a month and yes I am still not over my lust of exploring different countries and cultures. Being dicey about our next destination, we finally chose Egypt not just because of the world treasures the country has monument-ed but also the history of the start of civilization, our excitement […]

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Eat Feel Fresh

In this digital world where the work and social life is enough to put you in stress, the guilt of binging on junk and alcohol adds more to it. Every week starts with a resolution of eating healthy but by the time it’s weekend, we tend to forget everything and chill. Did you just say […]

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World’s most expensive Coffee – Kopi Luwak

It all started with a deal. My friend insisted on taking us to a place called Cafe Luwak (or Kopi Luwak), but on the condition that we won’t look it up on the internet. We kept our curiosity at bay and agreed. I kept my promise and didn’t research the place at all. We rented […]

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Illiterati Cafe, Mcleodganj

Sipping coffee while snuggling up to your favourite book and a view of gigantic mountains as far as your eyes can reach… Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? It sure was. A ten-minutes’ walk down the steep and narrow lanes from the main market area to the lower Jogiwara Road took us to this warm and welcoming […]

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Get Bowled Over at Nalu Bowls

‘Beaches and Bikinis in Bali’. With that as a predominant thought in my head, I managed to lose six kilos and attain the perfect curves for this trip. No way was I going to let my months of dieting and workout be washed off for the sake of my ever-so-eager tastebuds. But it turned out, […]

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