‘Beaches and Bikinis in Bali’. With that as a predominant thought in my head, I managed to lose six kilos and attain the perfect curves for this trip. No way was I going to let my months of dieting and workout be washed off for the sake of my ever-so-eager tastebuds. But it turned out, I could satiate them even while eating healthy, thanks to Nalu Bowls.

This was the first place that popped on my screen when I searched for Places to Eat Healthy in Bali. Completely amazed by their pictures on Instagram and their reviews, I added this place to my list immediately and so should you. It’s the first smoothie bowl shack in the city and part of the newest cafe craze here. I could not visit their branch in Seminyak but luckily they have three others in Canggu, Uluwatu and Ubud. The latter is where my morning munchies were fulfilled.

As Nalu translates into waves, all of their smoothie bowls are named after waves, like Uluwatu, Pipeline, Mavericks and so on. The prices start from 50k Indonesian Rupiah (approximately 250 bucks in Indian Currency) and every spoonful was worth it.

I ordered Uluwatu which has a smoothie base of dragon fruit with lots of homemade granola, banana, mango, strawberries and coconut flakes. The purple-coloured base of dragon fruit smoothie was in a beautiful contrast with the myriad of colors of other fruit toppings. While the contrasting colors appealed to my eyes, the contrasting sweetness and tanginess from different fruits gave a divine experience to my tongue. The food lived up to it’s the pictures and reviews; perhaps better even.

If you have a thing for fresh fruits and healthy breakfasts, Nalu Bowls would certainly bowl you over. You’ll regret not having this place on your Bali itinerary.

PS: The staff is fun to interact with. When they got to know that we were from India, their first words were ‘Shahrukh Khan’. One of them also sang ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ for us.