It all started with a deal. My friend insisted on taking us to a place called Cafe Luwak (or Kopi Luwak), but on the condition that we won’t look it up on the internet. We kept our curiosity at bay and agreed.

I kept my promise and didn’t research the place at all. We rented a scooter and took off for Ubud.

Google maps directed us to the plantation and then the locals directed us further towards the cafe.

All throughout, we were accompanied by a lovely man named Baayu. He took us on an impressive tour & told us all about the specialty of the place.

This plantation held the world’s most expensive coffee! And for good reason as well.

While talking to us about the prominence of Hinduism in Bali, he led us to a garden where we noticed a few caged animals.  Upon further inquiry, we found out that the animal was the Luwak, also known as the Palm Civet.

Now the Luwak is extremely fond of coffee. So much so that he sniffs out the best of coffee beans and devours them. But since he can’t actually digest the beans, he poops it all out. The Luwak’s poop is then cleansed and filtered followed by the coffee beans being roasted manually. Once the beans are roasted, coffee is made from it. The smoothness of the coffee won’t go unnoticed. Since this smooth black coffee has journeyed through the digestive system of a Luwak, it only deserves to be the most expensive in the world. Don’t you think? One cup of the Luwak coffee costs around $35 – $80 (Rs. 2000 to Rs. 5000)

Baayu then got us to try the tester plate  which had 6 different types of tea and 6 different tpes of coffee. The tester plate had Ginger tea, Vanilla coffee, Hibiscus Tea, Coconut coffee, to name a few. Each of these teas & coffees had it’s own uniqueness unmatched by any other. My personal favorite was the Coconut coffee. The perfect blend of two such extreme flavours & the wonderful fragrance just made the entire experience close to orgasmic!

The much hyped Luwak coffee

This place is definitely worth a visit. After all, when has something so delightful come out of shit? 😉