In this digital world where the work and social life is enough to put you in stress, the guilt of binging on junk and alcohol adds more to it.

Every week starts with a resolution of eating healthy but by the time it’s weekend, we tend to forget everything and chill.

Did you just say no in denial?

I’m no different.

You can still make few changes in your diet like how I did to balance between the taste and the health :

  1. Drink Black Coffee before going for workout in the morning (it increases your metabolism, which will make you sweat more) or a warm glass of water with 2 spoons of Apple Cider Vinegar on empty stomach.

2. Before going to gym have citrus fruits like oranges or sweet lime, it will help your muscles from getting sore.

3. Keep your breakfast heavy than the other two meals of the day.

4. Don’t binge on snacks and junk. Carry protein bars or try making homemade Granola Bars which will keep you full for long and won’t let you put on weight too.

5. Add Quinoa or Oats a part of your routine. Have to in 2-3 days to maintain the balance between heavy gluten full Indian meal. You can include veggies and your own dressing.

6. People like me who don’t like Green Tea, you can make your own fresh detox water by adding mint and sweet lime slice in water. You can add slices of cucumber as well to make it taste more refreshing.

7. As much as I hated Papaya, I never tried to look for its benefits. Apparently it’s good for its fibre content, it absorbs toxins and also improves digestion.

8. Make your own smoothie (Next Blog will feature recipe of smoothie bowl). This will be refreshing blast of fruits equally healthy & delicious

9. Drink atleast 1 Coconut water, specially when have a hangover. It is a good source of electrolytes which rehydrates your body. It also makes your skin glow, so all the more reason to intake more and more of it.

10. Make fruits your friends. Whenever I feel little hungry through the day, instead of junk snacks, I have fruits or few dry fruits to keep myself full.

11.  Hydrate yourself as much as possible, the more the H2O, the better it is for body.

12. Have a very light dinner. Eat 2 hours before you go to bed.

13. Half an hour walk in the night after dinner will not only make you feel good, but also will burn calories.

14. Make salads fun. Experiment with different veggies, dressing or nuts. Try this amazing Masala Peanut that you can try instead of cheesy Pizza.

15. Meditate for at least 20 minutes and reduce your screen time. The secret to a healthy sleep is – staying away from Mobile an hour before you sleep.

Keep enjoying your favorite dishes while balancing a little with health.