February was the month I planned for Madhya Pradesh and I won’t be lying, it surprised me. Madhya Pradesh is such a hidden treasure, less exploited by the international and domestic tourist.

While travelling from Orchha to Khajuraho, there is a small town named Alipura, used to be a state in 17th century, now a district with 27 village.

2 hours drive from Orchha, we took a one night break at Alipura in Alipura Palace. 300 year old palace with walls decorated with trophies and souveniors of the British era, with the rooms so elaborate giving an authentic Rajput feel.

Currently home to Raja Manvendra Singh and his family, this heritage property has been converted a stay since quite a few years, one wing of the palace is 300 years old with balcony walls run down and one wing of the palace is 150 years old. Its nice for a weekend getaway if you are looking for nice quite calm time to yourself.

The courtyard right outside the restaurant area is so pleasant with a vast open area to read a book in the shade in afternoon. The restaurant doesn’t have many staff, so make sure you give them a buffer time for the meals to be prepared.

While channeling my inner hippie, I made my way to this beautiful corridor that led me to my room which was so spacious very well kept, something that I didn’t expect.

I had my room in the old palace which is surprisingly very well kept, which beautiful paintings on the wall and arches. Places like these in such small town, I didn’t expect the regular water and electricity supply, (after all I’m staying in India), but there wasn’t a power cut for more than 2 seconds just that happened just once.

Its a small place to observe the simple village life of people with couple of temples where every evening a prayer ceremony happens. The rooftop has a very nice view of Vindhyachal hill range where a ruined fort is there, which is quite good for sunset point.

I decided to call it a night and wake up for Yoga the next morning and have a nice quite time by myself.

Since there is nothing much to do, so its a good detour for a night. No places to eat out apart from the restaurant in hotel.

Staying at such heritage property having this old historic significance always makes you feel royal.  Nice property, very down to earth and  helpful staff.