By Ankita Jaiswal


Home Cooked Experience with Cairo Urban Adventures

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Salaam my fellas!

Writing after almost a month and yes I am still not over my lust of exploring different countries and cultures.

Being dicey about our next destination, we finally chose Egypt not just because of the world treasures the country has monument-ed but also the history of the start of civilization, our excitement knew no boundaries.

But being a vegetarian, its always a struggle to travel in Arabic and Islamic countries, while researching about the places to visit in Cairo, we stumbled upon Cairo Urban Adventure and booked their Home-cooked Meal activity.

The day we arrived, we were received by our lovely guide Shrouk, who took us to Reham’s home, where we were about to have our meal. Reham greeted us all with such a warm hug and kept giggling until we left. Reham’s home was decorated with colorful ribbons and balloons because they still didn’t take off the Ramadan decoration that was last week. Soon after the tea session, we joined her in the kitchen to help her out and she was so kind to explain her recipes and her secret ingredients.

Reham and Shrouk

As they say, #localsknowbetter – our local guide, Shrouk was so good in explaining us all the dishes. Molokhia and Mahshi were my favorite. Shrouk and Reham made us all so comfortable with their family jokes, memories and telling us about the culture and tradition. To know what all did we have for meal, watch the video below

A little later, Reham’s kid and her husband also joined and we felt so good to see such a joyful family. Meeting Reham and her family gave us a glimpse of how simple and welcoming local people are and of almost every country.

Sipping Hibiscus tea while glancing through their wedding albums and listening to their love story, the evening went by. To interact with a local family in a different country and getting to know their version of traditions and culture is always different. Visiting their family and experiencing the home-cooked meal indeed became the highlight of our Egypt visit on Day 1 only.

We took a tour of her beautiful home, while she taught us how to tie a head-scarf and how men dress up in Islam.

We couldn’t have found a better host than Reham’s family, because even if she couldn’t speak English properly, she still communicated us what she wanted to tell us while giggling all along. It was the perfect introduction to our first visit in Egypt.

We highly recommend this and we are so glad to have picked Cairo Urban Adventures which is supporting local families like them and giving us the experience we didn’t expect.