By Ankita Jaiswal


Top 5 Herbal Tea Brands

Categories : Food

While there is a separate fan base in India and outside of people fond of Masala Chai, the market of herbal and detox tea is booming at a phenomenal rate. But everyone has their unique ways of loving the tea, some like it with milk, some like it with pool of spices and some like to keep it plain and simple. 

If you are a sucker for Tea like I am, you must also look for quiet places to enjoy a cup of tea to uplift the mood and energy and its more than a beverage, having tea in moderate quantity has its own benefits – 

1. Speeds up the metabolism – some people misread this for weight loss, but until you are getting some movement in your body, it won’t help.

2. Full of Antioxidants 

3. Keeps you active – the presence of caffeine helps you to focus and increase alertness

4. Certain teas help you relax like Chamomile.

Earlier I have struggled a lot understanding my taste palette and the benefit of different kinds and also the fact that there are so many of them to choose from, but after years of consuming tea, I am presenting you Top 5 teas that I love and you must try.

1. Tea Trunk – Marigold Green Tea, Hibiscus Green Tea

2. Organic India – Tulsi Green Tea ( Caffeine and caffeine free options available)

3. Tea Sense – Immunity Booster and Health and wellness Tea

4. Only Leaf – Turmeric Ginger and Chamomile 

5. Ceylon Green Tea – I tried varieties of Ceylon Green Tea when I travelled to Sri Lanka and still can’t forget how amazing it was.