By Ankita Jaiswal


Yoga Siromani

Categories : Yoga

After months of practice and contemplating, I finally went for the Yoga Teachers Training Course. Lockdown gave me proper clarity and opportunity to pursue what was long awaited.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram in Netala, Uttarkashi is where I registered myself for the course and patiently waited for the course to begin. I was already very nervous because I was not very good at a lot of asanas and lacked confidence but that one month changed my life.

With such spiritually energy, Sivananda Kutir is right in the nature surrounded by the Great Himalayas and Bhagirathi piercing through the valley, with so much of fresh air. It was like mental cleansing along with the physical cleansing. Our mind and body was going through a lot of change in terms of food, routine and learning but we were all at peace. That’s the beauty of Yoga. 

It was my first time living a hostel life and I was blessed with such amazing company. It’s true when they say that you bloom every single day when your wavelength matches. Be it keeping in sync for early morning wake up routine, group study, or even watching each other’s progress in perfecting Asanas. Under the guidance of Swami Jnardana, our Hatha Yoga Teacher Kathyayani Mam and Mataji, we were crowned with the title of Yoga Siromani 

Your girls is now a Certified Yoga Instructor. Wohoooooo……

My experience with Sivananda Ashram was a full of new learnings, and a start to a new journey. I can’t wait to update you all with my progres and get started with my own classes. So, stay tuned for more exciting news coming up.