By Ankita Jaiswal



Balance your Heart Chakra

Categories : Yoga

Most of us these days end up spending a lot of our time sitting in incorrrect posture, and end up cultivating a bad lifestyle which leads to limited mobility. It is very important to counteract this posture with Heart Openers.

Heart openers are any yoga poses that lead with the heart (literally and symbolically). You are literally leading with your heart while you’re in the pose. Symbolically, these poses open your heart chakra (Anahata), which physically creates an increase in energy. Heart opening sequence is all about embracing your vulnerability, offering an opportunity to heal, the capacity to feel love.

These are poses that expand your chest and rib cage to provide postural benefits—especially to those of us who spend our days at the office. Most Heart openers are back bends, as it focuses on incorporating upper and middle part of the spine. It allows you to tap into your emotions, gaining clarity and control your feelings. It builds up full body strength.

Here are couple of Heart openers that focuses on Anahata (Heart Chakra)

I love doing heart openers, it brings great benefits to both body and mind. Learning to move from your heart and being in the moment is what Heart openers are all about. Learn to appreciate what your body is capable of. We learn to accept everything as it is, people, ourselves and dispose off our hatred and negativity because it just depletes our energy, whereas when the heart is open we learn to accept and forgive and enjoy the energy resonating from our heart to mind and body.