By Ankita Jaiswal


A Bird Paradise : Jungle Lore, Pangot

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Walking in the nature, waking up to the sound of birds chirping, walking barefoot on wet grassland and bathing in the sunrise, I dreamed myself living this peaceful moment during Yog Nidra and few days later I lived this dream.

After the second wave of pandemic, I was itching to travel just like everybody else but after seeing how crowded the hill stations were, I knew Nainital and Mussoorie is not an option. Thanks to my husband, he suggested Pangot saying it would be perfect as we can enjoy the nature and it would be perfect for a getaway.

A week later, we were driving to Jungle Lore Birding Lodge in Pangot. I’ve been to this route before but it was so different this time as it started raining, the trees were greener than usual, we could see the clouds on the mountains but it was not too foggy, it was just perfect. It took us an hour and a half to reach to our destination Jungle Lore.

Jungle Lore is this beautiful property in Pangot Bird Sanctuary specifically catered to Bird lovers, nature lovers and photographers. The best part about this property is the location, one can be relaxed and have some peaceful time in the nature. At a distance of 15km from Nainital, this bird’s paradise is sure to take your mind away from all the stress sure. I didn’t know until I visited the property that Jungle Lore is one of the first Birding lodge in India, it was established in 1998 and the charm of the property is one of a kind. 

As you enter, you will notice this beautiful trail rich in flora taking you up to Reception / Dining Area. We were welcomed by Bhuwan Chandra, he took us for a small orientation and introduced us to Bob, he is this sweetest mountain dog who chased so monkeys on our way to cottage. 

The property has four cottages in total and they are all named after birds – Cheer, Koklas, Marten and Khalij. We stayed in Marten cottage which is further down .

Our cottage had this beautiful lounge area and the room was cosy and warm. Marten Cottage has a floor up as well which makes it perfect for family getaways as the kids can have a separate space upstairs with a view of the forest. It gets quite cold out here, so they have room heaters in all the cottages and enough blankets to keep you warm.

We spent Day 1 relaxing in the property, took a little nap, had chai with this beautiful sunset, watched monkeys jumping from branches to branches and some cuddles with Bob. We called it a night right after dinner and decided to wake up early the next morning.

Day 2 – I woke up as if I was living the dream, the birds chirping and sunlight peeking through the curtains and this was the best me time I had throughout my stay in Jungle Lore. I had a cup of warm water listening to the birds and then did some Yoga right outside my cottage and felt amazing after it. After this I had this beautiful hot shower and proceeded for breakfast.

Its a brand new day, we decided to take a round of the whole property and did a small trek to Kilbury forest to do some bird watching. We spotted these cute little birds and listened to their calls, it was beautiful. 

It was time for lunch and we decided to head back. The food in Jungle Lore was pretty good, I am not just making it up but I do enjoy Indian cuisine most of the times and they prepared meals with fresh farm vegetables which felt like a home cooked meal.

Since this comes under the Pangot Bird Sanctuary, so not just the birds but there are a lot of animals as well in the wild such as Himalayan Civet, Himalayan Martins, Ghoral and leopards, hence it is advised to stay inside the cottage after the evening.

What I really liked about this place is – It is designed so beautifully focusing on Nature-centric experience, instead of expanding by cutting the natural vegetation – they still have four cottages since the time it was established. In case of power cuts, Inverter back is always there instead of generator to cancel out the sound and air pollution. Recently Pangot has also become a part of Naina Devi Himalayan Bird Conservation Reserve.

Accessibility – There are multiple trains that run from Delhi to the last station Kathgodam and after that Pangot is 50km drive. You can easily find cab from outside the station.

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