The google images of Bali enticed me to the level that I locked it with the three others I had as options. Waterfalls, mountains, beaches and islands- all of it was enough to give the adrenaline rush.

Instagram came to my rescue when I was researching about what all to do and what all places to visit when in Bali. I shortlisted few major attractions and ‘must visit’ places, and planned my days accordingly.

  1. Waterfalls – I just have a thing for waterfalls! Being near one refreshes me more than chilling on a beach. Bali has a lot of waterfalls like Git Git waterfall, Nungnung waterfall, Munduk waterfall, Tegenungan waterfall and many more. Git Git Waterfall is the most famous one, hence it attracts maximum crowd. We chose Tegenungan waterfall instead of Git Git and I was so glad with the decision that we made because there were hardly 10 people in total when we reached. Lesser the crowd, the more at peace you feel, isn’t it? If you are staying in Ubud, it will take hardly 10-15 mins via scooty to reach Tegenungan and then just a little over 100 steps more will have you at the exact spot! THAT VIEW! <3

2. Monkey Sanctuary, Ubud – I wasn’t too sure of visiting this place but I must recommend it as one of the top places to visit in Ubud. I sure was surprised with how friendly the monkeys are there! As is their nature, on spotting bananas they will definitely come to you, or even climb on you but best part is when they even pose for selfies. Make sure your valuables are inside a bag though, they had snatched my Rayban Sunglasses and the Coconut coffee I got from Kopi Luwak. Not just bananas, those monkeys are fond of everything you carry. But if you fight back, you can get your stuff, as I did. Quite an adventure!

3. Nalu Bowls, Ubud – Before I begin, just search for Nalu Bowls on Instagram. The pictures will make you go crazy. If you are into healthy eating then this is the place for you, It’s the first smoothie bowl shack in Bali and I am not exaggerating when I say that it is ‘heaven in a bowl.’ The frozen smoothie with homemade granola and fruits topping is just amazing (okay, I am craving for one now). Not only does it look good but it tastes beyond imagination. Try for yourself when in Bali.

4. Kopi Luwak, Ubud – This is the place where you get the World’s most expensive coffee. The place offers a variety of exotic teas and coffees. A guide will be there with you to enlighten you about the ingredients and the process of making it.  

It is worth a visit if you like exploring new and different things.

5. Uluwatu Temple – For sunset delights, this is one of the best places to visit in Bali. It is located in Pecatu. Atop the cliff, one can see the sparkling water of the Indian ocean making a spectacular view in the front . Few things need to be taken care of while visiting Uluwatu Temple. Firstly,  beware of the monkeys here, they are wild and will snatch whatever comes in their sight. Secondly, you must wear a Sarong before entering the temple. They are available outside in case visitors are not carrying any.

6. Scuba Diving, Gili Trawangan – Make sure you visit atleast one of the Gili Islands when in Bali. We chose Gili Trawangan for it being the biggest of the best according to reviews. The island is famous for all the water sports and its carnival feel all throughout the day and night. The island is filled with foreigners, and only a few localities are present on the shacks. The island is no less than a paradise, people come here and get settled here. The island will cast a spell on you that you’ll never want to leave the place again

For all that I have experienced, the hype around Bali is worth the stretch. Give it the next spot in your places-to-visit and come back with a million memories!