In my life so far there have been many things I aimed for, fulfilled quite a few of them, given up on so many, and yet to complete so many of them.

Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to become a dancer. I have always been so expressive with my emotions and Dance to me was something that kept me sane during my early days. I used to take refuge in dancing whenever there was any disturbance in my mind. When I entered college and got selected in the College Dance Team, it felt like I am moving towards what I dreamt of but my family situation and other priorities I gave up too easy on my dream and I still regret it. But regrets are part of everyone’s journey and I still dance for my own happiness.

Its strange how external environment can shape your journey, I went through series of highs and lows, be it shifting industries rapidly – from Call Centre to Publication firm to Fashion E-commerce to Tourism. But I am thankful for each lows as it gave me an opportunity to learn and grow. I stepped out of my so called bubble when I shifted to Bangalore for work in 2016 and I learnt what life really is, managing every single thing by yourself, learning things about your own habits, being free completely. My time in Bangalore was the golden period of my life, I learnt how to travel, how to manage trips in small budget, how to appreciate beauty in small things, how to relax and most importantly I started this blog – SOULFULसफरनामा when I was there.

Soulfulसफरनामा gave me a clarity of what’s next. I knew I wanted to explore the world, know about my own country, my culture and visit the heritage sites of India. After a lot of struggle and sitting at home, I landed myself a dream job with an Austrailian Company. My job gave me a new introduction, something to build on, I loved interacting with people about our diverse culture, different flavours, the royal mansions, our struggle to freedom and the amazing progression that India did after Independence. Feel so proud to be an Indian. I never considered it as a job, I always enjoy hopping to different cities watching sunset, narrating the timeless love story of Taj Mahal countless times, enjoying sunrise chai and dancing on the bollywood songs. Who wouldn’t want my job!

And the best part, I met my soulmate while doing my job. It wasn’t love at first sight but wasn’t something less too, we were so same in so many ways and so different. We worked on our difference, explored continents together and 2 years later he proposed me in Egypt, the best day of my life.

And then the happy love story of me and my life was interrupted by Pandemic. Its been a year and more as I speak on May 2021, we are unemployed but some amazing things happened during this time, like, I got married to my soulmate in this pandemic and shifted to this beautiful Himalyan town, Uttrakhand and I also got certified as a Yoga Instructor. Click on http://soulfulsafarnama.com/?p=486 to know my experience.

So thankful to everyone who has and has not been a part of this सफरनामा. There are multiple names to thank and its only because of you all that I am who I am.