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Trends may come and go, but I think the trend of jersey dress is here to stay.It surely makes life much more easy and it is a statement on its own.

Besides for the fact that its so comfortable and without a doubt can pass for a pajama, I love it for its plain and simple look and this piece from Dank is so minimalistic.

For a lazy person like me, who doesn’t feel like putting much effort while getting ready, these jersey dresses work wonders. Its so easy to slip on, and this one is stylish as well.

Sometimes it’s also an answer to my ‘I have nothing to wear days’

You can layer it up with a denim jacket or a leather one and pair it with sneakers. Don’t accessorize it too much. I have worn mine to work, to events, to casual outing with friends.

These and other amazing jersey dresses can be easily availed from http://aintthatdank.com/

How are you planning to rock the trend of Jersey dress this season?

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