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Set on a hill overlooking Indian Ocean in Uluwatu, this Intimate property is a perfect blend of luxury and contemporary architecture.

Stunned by the amazing detailing and the intricate designs on the walls with such warm hospitality, the infinity pool by the dining pavilion just stole my heart.

I was so mesmerised that I couldn’t stop recording #Instastories until we reached our villa.


Two master bedrooms with jacuzzi in each and private swimming pool separating the rooms and dining hall set up with music system. Oh my God, Could we stay there forever?

Tired from the scooty ride from the Monkey Sanctuary Ubud to Uluwatu, I did not wait for a second and took a dip in the pool.

Having Bintang in the pool, listening to Bob Dylan, we didn’t realise it was time for our dinner.

It was so hard to be awake after the scrumptious meal and the relaxing jacuzzi session.

We wanted to have quick dinner as it was our friend’s birthday that night and we realised the chef isn’t there to prepare the cake nor there is any bakery nearby. But they didn’t disappoint us and said something can be done.

I didn’t waste a minute, and ran to the kitchen and got some waffle with icecream and caramel syrup. (something is better than nothing) And the staff organised the dining area of our villa without making a noise with candles and that dessert sharp 10 minutes before the clock strike 12.

It was indeed a memorable celebration and wouldn’t have been possible without their help.

We decided to call it a night, as we had planned to leave for Gili the next day and I wanted to swim in the infinity pool.

The next day morning, I kicked my friends from their bed to come for a swim with me. (Yeah I’m that bad) hehe.

After taking a nice swim in the infinity pool, we had our breakfast.

I was in no mood to leave Aisis, but it was time. I still remember, it is till date one of my stays. Bali love forever.

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