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Its always a struggle when it comes to travel for vegetarian. The traveler in me wants to know the local culture by tasting it but the psychological barrier that I have with meat always restricts me. On my last trip to Turkey, which is a major meat eater country, I had to struggle a lot with food. So I am gonna list down couple of things at different places I had in Turkey to give you an idea of what can you order if you are a vegetarian and happen to visit Turkey.

These pictures above is a classic example of Turkish breakfast where you will have their Turkish tea (Black Tea) with cucumber, tomato, cheese, olives, berries and cherries with raisins and loads of bread. The breakfast in the whole country is same.

This was my first lunch, for which we ordered Falafel and Aubergine and the breads came along. This was in a cafe in Istanbul. The Falafel were baked crisps and the Aubergine was tangy.

I like how every country have their own way of preparing the veggies.

For vegetarians in Turkey, dips were a savior. Both the images were taken in Selcuk (Top one : Tat Cafe, Bottom one : Agora Cafe)

Spicy tomato cafe was something to go for, it was so yummy. The dip platter or often known as Tapas in menu have couple of dips combined in a plate and breads on the table.

This is one of the local beers of Turkey, Efes Pilson which was really amazing. I always make sure to try the local beer of every country and beers in Turkey helped me filling my stomach when I couldn’t find anything to order in the menu.

Cherries, Strawberries and Ice-cream too are unsung heroes along with beer that helped me in not going empty stomach. I don’t feel the need to tell you about the world famous Turkish cherries.

But I can not skip telling you about this last picture of Homemade Ice-cream at I AM HERE Cafe in Kekova Island (Near Kas) where I tried scoops Almond honey, Mulberry and Belgian chocolate only for 12 TL. This was the most amazing Ice-cream I ever had, I am not even lying.

This one is from The Fat boys cafe, Capadoccia. This was the most fulfilling dinner I had in turkey. We had Vegetarian Fajita and Aubergine Rice and mashed potato platter with their local wine.

What we call Parantha in India is Gozleme in Turkey. We tried this on our way from Antalya to Konya (Near Aspendos) This is Spinach and Cheese Gozleme with fresh Pomegrante juice. Other varieties were with meat and some with Aubergine and Mushroom.

Last but not the least, this was my favorite dishes of all that I had. This is Rice cooked in pepper served with curd. But the flavours were so good of the spices and the ambiance where we had it was cherry on cake. We had this in Sirince Can Restaurant, Sirince ( also known as Wine village). When in Wine village, do go for wine tasting of their locally produced wine.

These are couple of things that I had in Turkey and I assume would help you to if you also struggle with food.

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