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Getting drenched unknowingly on the roof of the Motorboat with salt water while travelling to Gili Trawangan – had no idea island hopping is this fun.

We completely forgot to book the tickets for Gili, it was a last moment thing. The only good thing was we reached before 4.30pm (after 4.30-5pm, you go solo, like rent a motorboat or jetski all by yourself and drive to Gili) when the last ride to Gili was about to leave.

The Driver was helpful enough to drop us exactly at the fast boat company, we got seats in a Shuttle Ferry which costed us 1,20,000 – approx. INR 650 after bargaining (they were asking for 2,00,000 IDR – approx. INR1000)

We reached the Bay and started boarding, we were so excited that we decided to climb the roof and sunbath in the middle of the ocean and enjoy the majestic view, little did we know bathing came complimentary for the people on the roof of the shuttle, but with freezingly sharp saltwater of the ocean. We asked for it, no regrets but the moment we landed on the Island, it was magical. For a person like me who hasn’t been or seen an island ever before, I was just overwhelmed.

We started walking towards our cottage, the island doesn’t have any vehicle just the bicycle and the horsecart. The island is small enough that you can complete one full round of island on bicycle in half an hour.

It’s like a 24*7 carnival on the island, full of foreigners, very less localites, indonesians, happy people all around. Besides all the water sports, the island is also famous for no police and zero crime, this amazed me. Freedom has altogether a different dimension on this island that I had never experienced before. I could walk around in anything with no one staring at me, I was so enjoying this to the core. I wouldn’t recommend to spend much on accommodation because you’ll end up regretting not spending much time in there.

We decided to take a corner in a shack and have Chardonnay by the beach, I can’t remember having such amazing dinner before.

We were drunk way before we realised we’ve had enough. Soon enough we in a shack where the dance off was happening and next moment I know, I was in the middle surrounded by foreigners, I surely lived up my Step Up dream that night.

We decided to go to bed by 12 because we had Scuba training the next day. The whole day passed in Dehydrating by sipping coconut water. We had a nice dinner, being a vegetarian it was a task for me to make the understand what do I need and in which oil I want it to be cooked in because apparently fish oil and fish is considered veg for them.

I decided to sleep early that night as I wanted to be all set for the scuba at 8am next morning.

I am not a water person, It was so scary for me when we stepped on the boat which took us in the middle of the ocean and when the scuba instructor asked us to roll back in water.

But I felt I took the right decision, I have never experienced this level of adrenaline before. Initially I struggled a lot for obvious reason which made me threaten my instructor not to leave my hand in the water, but then soon enough I was fine, the world under the ocean is beyond beautiful, I don’t have words for those moments when we were just floating in amazement.

This was indeed one of those life changing experience I’ve had. By the time we returned on the boat, we were so famished. We just changed our scuba clothes, went to a shack and just relaxed.

The trip was coming to an end, I did not feel good about that, but nothing could be done. We left for our shuttle ship again in the afternoon and landed in Kuta by late evening.

For vegetarians, the island can be slightly tough but I am sure the ambience and the freedom would compensate that. I would suggest to not hold yourself and just give a try to everything you wanted to do since forever.

Gili Trawangan was one such beautiful episode of my life.

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