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Who loves breakfast?

I am undoubtedly one of those person who wakes up in excitement to have a nice breakfast to kick start the day. And breakfast anyway is the most important meal of the day, so better keep it nice and heavy. People who know me, they know the alarm in my stomach that is put on snooze mode until I get my breakfast. When at home, I like to put myself a plate of fresh fruits, sprouts or chickpeas salad with green tea, but who am I kidding, I’ve been travelling since last 8-9 months back to back, I hardly get time to enjoy that.

So I am gonna put together couple of cafes I enjoyed having breakfast in different cities of India while wandering.


Surprised? I have hardly mentioned Pushkar on my Instagram and blogs and this tops the list! Yes it does when it comes to options of breakfast.

Blueberry Yogurt with fruits, nuts and seeds.
Strawberry Porridge
Fruit bowl with Yogurt and honey at Gulab Niwas
Sprout salad with feta cheese
Corn and spinach mushroom tart

These pictures are from a small cafe in Pushkar named as Cafe Natures Blessing. Very small and cosy cafe to have a nice breakfast.

Sprout Salad with feta cheese, eggplant and toast
Hummus Platter

This one is one of my favorite places in Pushkar for the hippie ambiance and retro hindi music. Cafe Out of the Blue, located right in the market area, enjoy dinner at rooftop area of this cafe which gives you a splendid view of the holy city, in the day chill on the second or third floor inside.

What am I having? I am having the ever refreshing Ice mint smoothie which loads and loads on mint leaves and hummus platter which has falafel, chips, hummus and chopped cucumber. They have a version of eggplant as well but I am not too fond of eggplant. you can give it a try though and thank me later.


My hometown and my favorite city for the vibe and slow paced life. Enjoy the sunrise boatride in the ganges, there is a lot going on in the city to take in, take your time to enjoy the city.

Meanwhile I’ll suggest you some of the places to have good breakfast.

Cinnamon Muesli with yogurt fresh fruits and honey, Open Hand Cafe
Cappuccino, Open Hand Cafe
Chickpea Salad, Open Hand
Masala Omlette, Open Hand

You can imagine how fond am I of the Open hand Cafe. Not just the food but super friendly staff, with good ambiance and excellent food.

Blueberry Lassi with shredded coconut, pistachio and pomegranate

I absolutely can not think of missing this place. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Blue Lassi, more than 75 years old shop, mentioned in the Lonely Planet India, this place serves the best lassi you will ever have. Be prepared to wait because of ever crowded place (you can imagine why)


I am a sucker for Muesli bowl when it comes to breakfast. Every now and then I am on a lookout for cafes with muesli bowl as an option for breakfast. The picture below is from Maya Restaurant, Agra. Apart from the breakfast, the food here is pretty good. For Non-veg (Chicken Makhani), Butter chicken is really good here.

Ginger lemon honey with muesli bowl of fresh fruits, yogurt and honey
Muesli Bowl


Haven’t spent much time in Jaisalmer. but I plan to this coming year. Of my limited time of stay inside the Jaisalmer fort, I got some time to try some muesli breakfast at the place where we stayed, Deepak Rest House. The picture below is of grilled cheese sandwich with my poison, ginger lemon honey with muesli bowl of fresh fruits, nuts, yogurt and honey.

Muesli bowl of fresh fruits, cornflakes, yogurt and honey. grilled cheese sandwich and Ginger lemon honey.

As much as I like North India being from there, I am a beach person. South India has a special place in my heart, specifically when it comes to south Indian cousine. Ahh, just love it! (You must have seen the calmness in my previous posts)

Need to explore more corners but mentioning some of the tried ones.


Sprouts Salad, Cucumber mint juice with Garlic bread

Farmers Omlete with watermelon and brown bread.

Tomato Cheese Sandwich with Black Ice Coffee

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="768"] Cold Pasta Salad with garlic bread and orange juice

Mushroom Onion sandwich

The above pictures are from Loafers Cafe, Kochi. As much as the food looks yumm, the vibe of the cafe is also just soothing. Enjoying munching in small cute little cafes.

Tomato cheese sandwich with lemon mint drink, Kashi Art Cafe

This is also from a very nice ambient cafe in Kochi, named as Kashi Art Cafe. Try the delicious options in the menu enjoying the city.


fresh fruits with muesli with yogurt and honey

The above two combination of breakfast of champions is from Crystal beach resort, Goa in Palolem Beach.

Well, that’s it for now. These were some of my favorite cafes for breakfast, tried and tested. Explore these cafes on your journey to India.

Soon, will be doing a city based blog as well but till then tataaaaaa….. Stay tuned.

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