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While exploring the Madhya Pradesh, I didn’t think I’d like anything better than Orchha or enjoy anything like Khajuraho. But I’ll have to admit, you need to relax after the intensity of Khajuraho.

Situated on a distance of 40 mins from the main city of Khajuraho, Panna is known for the National Park. As crisp as this drive is of hopping to other destination, the more serene the view is with the Ken River flowing on the side and the wide spread of jungle.

With the plan of doing a safari in the Panna National Park, we stayed in Ken River Lodge. Ken River Lodge is famous for being designed as a tree house. It indeed is one of those cottages you would want to relax.

We had our rooms as the wooden cottages, with a small sitting area in the front. The inside of the room was even prettier. I am not that fond of glass door luxury villa in comparison to wooden cottages. With a master bed in between and blinders on window, pretty lights hanging from top, and one side with a table setup for essentials of instant tea and coffee.

And then another small room which had the dressing table and washroom with a stairs going to a small balcony one stairs up.

Ohh, can I set up my home like this in the hills instead of a jungle :p The rooms are cosy and comfortable. But the setup of the dining and the restaurant area is, you wouldn’t want to go to your room as well.

This is the third version of tree house they have built, yes, the restaurant is on a tree overlooking the Ken River with the shade of tree falling and that cool breeze. Can you picture it?

Not a lot of people work here, that’s why give them a minimum of 30-45mins for the food to be prepared. The food is good here, do not miss the breakfast here.

I started my day with the jungle safari, we packed hot water and green tea for our way. Do you have the luxury of sipping the first green tea of the day in a jungle under the wide spread of sky with a view of a river flowing and mating deers? We had. The hotel arranges for the safari in the jungle.

The guides here are good in spotting the animals, but the driver and guide was busy in an argument when I spotted a leopard walking towards us, he took a turn towards a small lake for water and to hunt monkeys. Seeing this wild cat in such close vicinity was like wow. Though there are a population of 40 tigers in Panna, but couldn’t spot one.

Coming back from the safari, we had our breakfast spread ready after which I went for a bit of a yoga.

Panna is worth exploring and I would so recommend Ken River Lodge for the stay, ambiance and for the warm hospitality they offer.

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